Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby, mine.

My lovely girl-

Right now we are flying somewhere over Gettysburg on our way home from your birthday surprise- tickets to see a singer that we all swoon over! (I'm liking this new part of our relationship!) But, I cannot believe you'll be 11 soon. I want to throw my hands up to the sky dramatically asking time to slow down. 

I remember the last almost eleven years like they were yesterday and forever ago all at the same time. Watching your Daddy hold you for the first time wrapped up tight, pirouetting around our dining room in footie pajamas, princess dresses leaving trails of glitter in your wake, looking up from a book, eyes wide, with either a big smile on your face or teary because something just happened to a character you've become attached to. So many moments with you have been magical and filled with your laughter. 

Tonight watching you and your bestie dancing (and screaming and swooning) to Sam Hunt is something I will never forget. Because for a minute I glanced over and your head was tipped back in mid laugh, dancing with abandon and I saw her, the future you, and it hit me all at once that soon you'll no longer need Daddy or I to sit next to you at a concert. I grabbed my phone wanting to bottle that moment but instead I just watched you. I started to ugly cry as "Ex To See" played for thousands of people. And then without even looking you reached down and squeezed my hand. I live for those moments. 

I hope you never lose the ability to dance like nobody's watching and to laugh, really laugh, with head back and eyes closed. I've loved being beside you for eleven years and while I'm not quite ready to let go of your hand I look forward to the sweet young lady you're growing into. You are my treasure. 





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